New Year, New Goals

It is already February, but I feel like the new year is just getting started, January always seems to get eaten up by road trips and putting away Holiday decorations.  I have never been one for making New Year’s resolutions on January 2nd, I always kind of figured if I gradually got them started by February 1st I was more likely to make them stick.  So, the first big thing for this year is we are getting the new web site up.  Amy has put in a lot of time and effort on it and now it is my turn to add the first blog post.

Last weekend, one of the education instructors for the California Blacksmith Association (CBA) came up and we struck my first hand forged hammer.  Of course, it was not as simple as forging one hammer, first we had to finish building a striking anvil and a few tools to go with it.  We forged a top and bottom fuller, a cupping tool and a few other odd pieces on Friday.  Saturday morning, we started on the hammer, got it most of the way done, then headed to the local blacksmith guild meeting.  At the guild meeting we demonstrated the techniques for team striking, and heat treating the hammer.  It was a great weekend, I learned a lot and was able to forge a lot.

In preparation for the hammer making, I wanted to track down some semi-truck axle to use as hammer material.  I was able to find some at a local truck shop, it is always a bit daunting to walk into a place you have never been and ask the owner to give you something for free.  Fortunately, I lucked out and came home with over a dozen axles.  At 2 inches in diameter and almost 4 feet long it was close to a ton of steel.  I now have the ability to make dozens of hammers and other tools for quit a while.

I managed to get my first YouTube video of the year up this week.  It was appropriate for Valentine’s Day since I demonstrate the process for forging a heart, it was a project Amy suggested.

Check it out at

Thanks for checking out my first of many blogs, please continue to join me.


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